Leslie Jones, CPA

Accounting Matters

Behind every successful business, there is a smart accountant!

Servicing Individuals & Small Businesses

Leslie M. Jones, CPA PLLC is a tax and accounting practice established in 2018 by Leslie M. Jones, CPA. With over a decade of experience in tax and accounting, we serve individuals and small businesses. We’re always working diligently to assist clients in achieving their goals. We offer a personalized experience for each client as there is not a “one service fits all.” We take pride in educating our clients and offering services based on individual client needs, including virtual and/or in-person services.

The Company’s Mission

We’re committed to taking on a business advisor's role and assist individuals and small business owners in achieving their financial & business goals. We’re extremely passionate about our clients’ success, which gives us a driving force to achieve excellent results and build long lasting client relationships.